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ULFA-I reforms its constitutional infrastructure, appoints Paresh Baruah as president of Supreme Council

In a significant development, the ULFA-I has reformed its constitutional infrastructure and appointed commander-in-chief of the outfit Paresh Baruah as the president of its Supreme Council.

Apart from Paresh Baruah, Michael Asom and Nayan Asom have also been appointed as member of the Supreme Council.

“Effective from September 4 these arrangements are made. The defence wing will continue as earlier,” the outfit stated in a statement.

The ULFA-I has also reformed its High Council.
Nayan Asom, who is also a member of the Supreme Council, has been appointed as president of the High Council.

Sironam Asom, Arunudoy Asom, and Samiran Asom have been appointed as members of the High Council.

On the other hand, a thirteen-member Lower Council of the ULFA-I has also been appointed.

Nayan Asom has been appointed as the president of the Lower Council as well.

The outfit had declared a unilateral ceasefire since May this year in view of the pandemic situation for three months and recently further extended the same.

After several decades the outfit has refrained from calling a boycott of the Independence Day celebration on August 15.

In 2005 ULFA appointed a group, Peoples Consultative Group (PCG) to discuss peace with the government of India. The group had at least three rounds of discussion with the government of India, Prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh has taken initiative in this regard.

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