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‘War on Drugs’ operation by Assam Police on the run; quite a success by far

Assam Police has launched a massive operation against drugs in the past one week as part of their operation ‘War on Drugs‘. Several drug peddlers have been and a huge quantity of drugs from various locations of Assam have been seized.

Talking to media persons in Guwahati on Tuesday, DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta said, “We have launched a massive operation against the drug trade in Assam. We have registered 618 cases and arrested 1008 peddlers from various locations of Assam. Our focus is on peddlers as it is necessary to break the supply chain. Our fight against drugs is a long process and it shall continue.”

The DGP said, “From last year we have intensified our operation against drugs and after several crackdowns, we have arrested many peddlers and seized a huge quantity of drugs.”

“If we want to hit the supply chain of drugs trade, then we have to start from the lower level. We have changed our strategy and are focusing more on peddlers and not only on the big smugglers. The drug market is very big and insurgent groups of the Northeast are also involved in the lucrative trade. They safeguard the smugglers in order to help them run the business smoothly,” the DGP stated.

He further added, “I appeal the society not to treat the addicts as criminals rather look at them as patients and
help in their rehabilitation. The society has a big role to play in helping them lead a normal and healthy life.”

Poppy cultivation is the main source from where drugs are made mostly. We have also launched operations against the cultivation of poppy. Recently, we freed 15 bighas of land where poppy was cultivated”, DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta said.

According to official figures, 2439 grams of heroin, 91 kilograms of ganja, 17,551 bottles of cough syrup, 1,57,061 methamphetamine tablets, 14.16 grams of morphine and Rs 10.5 lakhs cash were seized in the past month.

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