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“We need God’s intervention”: Meghalaya Health Minister Hek organises Special Prayers on May 30 for COVID-19

At a time when COVID-19 cases continue to pile up in northeast’s Meghalaya along with the rest of the country, its Health Minister Alexander Laloo Hek has called upon people to conduct a “special prayer” seeking “god’s intervention.”

He had asked all the people of the state to congregate with their family members in their own residences and participate in the special prayer that will begin sharply at 12 noon on next Sunday, the day of mass.

“As human beings, we will not be able to protect ourselves. We need God’s intervention, God’s blessings. Without him we are nobody. That is why we should have a special prayer,” Hek told media on Friday.

He further asserted that he had informed Chief Minister Conrad Sangma and he gave his assent to this. The Directorate of Information and Public Relation has been asked to circulate the message for the information of all citizens, Hek said.

“So, I appeal to all the people to gather with their family in their own residences, sharp at 12 noon and ask the almighty for protection. How long they will pray is upon the individuals, but the prayer will begin at 12,” Hek further added.

He said that the state’s cases have shown a slight decrease than it was earlier in the past 24 hours and if this continues, then soon Lockdown will be relaxed.

He however also said, “It is difficult to take any call at this moment. The lockdown is up to May 31 and if there is no sign of improvement, then we will have to extend it.”

In May alone, Meghalaya’s cases doubled from 16,617 cases on April 30 to 33,104 on May 28, a spike of 16,487 cases and the death toll has increased by 353 people this month alone taking the toll from 171 on April 30 to 524 as of Friday.

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