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‘Will move centre if Assam cow protection Bill affects State’: CM Conrad Sangma

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said the government would intervene if the transportation of cattle to the state is affected by the proposed cow protection law in Assam.

Talking to media persons in Shillong on Friday, CM Sangma said, “We have to examine the law after Assam passes and implements it. We have to see the terms and conditions and how they plan to implement it. It would not be correct for me to comment more without seeing the content of the Bill,”.

“We will raise the issue not only with the Assam government but also the Centre if the law affects transit of cattle to Meghalaya from other states,” Sangma said.

Sangma further added, “Transit and transportation of cattle from these states to Meghalaya should not be a problem. All steps will be taken from our side to ensure that supply is not affected because of the law passed by the Assam government,”.

The Assam Cattle Presentation Bill, 2021 will be placed before the state Assembly in the next session. The new bill will replace the existing Assam Cattle Presentation Act, 1950, which allows the slaughter of cattle above 14 years of age with proper approval from veterinary department officials.

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