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With The Message of Women Safety MP Girl Reaches Assam

Asha Malviya, an 24 year old woman cyclist reached Bongaigaon recently on 28th April covering a staggering 13,500 kilometres. Her message behind the attempt is to show the world that India is a safe place for women. In this solo cycle tour Asha is equipped with her GPS-equipped hybrid bi-cycle and cycle kit, which is a gift from West Bengal Governor CV Ananda Bose.

Asha Malviya, who hails from Nataram village of Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh, is a national level sportswoman and a mountaineer. Talking to press at Bongaigaon she said that she started her all India cycle journey on 1st November 2022 from Bhopal. “I have already covered 13,500 kilometres covering 15 states so far. My target is to ride for 25,000 kilometres. Intend of my solo cycles journey is to spread the message of woman empowerment and woman safety. Though people thinks that women are not safe in India, but I want to send this message that India is a safe country for women.”

She further added that “everywhere and in everyplace of India, women are respected. I want to break the stereotype that India is not a safe country for women. With this solo cycle journey as a woman cyclist I want to establish that my India is heaven for woman.”

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